The Compound Annual Growth Rate Of The Global Multimode Optical Fiber Market From 2020 To 2024 Is About 16%

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According to the latest report of ResearchAndMarkets, "Global Multimode Optical Fiber Market Analysis 2014-19 and Forecast 2020-24", it is predicted that the global multimode optical fiber market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 16%. Multimode fiber is popular because of its high reliability and high capacity, and the same fiber can transmit different optical signals with different reflection angles.

The main contribution of this compound annual growth rate growth is predicted to come from the IT and telecommunications sectors. At the same time, the application of laser transmission systems and light illumination and transmission in the medical field will also play a role. In terms of market segmentation, different Asia-Pacific economies including China and India have implemented projects such as smart cities, Internet of Things, and fiber-to-the-home connections. Therefore, the region is expected to account for the largest share. This trend will be in the next few years. Will continue.